Rockhound Photos



Alaska - Vancouver 2016


Southern California from the plane to Vancouver


Crater Lake


View from our hotel window in Vancouver


Pictures from Top of Vancouver restaurant atop a revolving tower


The building you can partially see with the dome on top is our hotel


The blue canopies are next to our hotel


On the bus in Vancouver going to Grouse Mountain


A tram up the mountain


This photo taken in 1967 shows the original tram soaring over James Bonds Aston Martin from Goldfinger


Doug attacking an innocent gnome


Grizzly bears!


Our first time zip-lining!




This pose is called the Screaming Starfish



Dorian and Liz making a landing MP4


Our zip-line group, wonderful people, especially the two instructors


Coming back from the zip-line


Very tame deer


Back down the tram


The bus back...


The canopies by our hotel change color


Lego orca


The Top of Vancouver restaurant we ate ate the previous night


A cruise ship docked by our hotel


A field on a building!


Statue of "Gassy Jack", the founding father of Gastown, known for his "Gassy" monologues as a saloonkeeper


Our ship, the Noordam


Aboard ship


Passing under the bridge as we set out






Dressed for one of the gala dinners (with my Star Trek tie)


After dinner, dressed for 50's & 60's night (notice my pony tail)




Doug & Alice




With Doug's wig on


The aftermath


Towel Seal


The moon reflecting off the ocean


Approaching Juneau


The capital city. No roads to Juneau. The only access is by sea or air.


In front of our ship



The Mendenhall Glacier we'll see later


Humpback whales!




Rowdy sea lions


Video of Rowdy Sea Lions 71MB

At the Mendenhall Glacier visitor center


Huge waterfall to the right


Mini iceberg


The glacier over time


The glacial blue tinting comes from ice being compressed and recrystallizing. At this point other colors of the spectrum are reflected, but blue is absorbed.


Towel crab


Aboard the White Pass & Yukon Route train in Skagway


The road on the other side of the canyon




"On to Alaska with Buchanon"


No we didn't go across this bridge. It's no longer used (for obvious reasons).


The original trail the gold rush miners used


The border with Canada. The train goes back the way we came. We simply rotate the back our seat and sit down facing the other way.


Scarring of the rock by glaciers during the last ice age


Brackett's Toll Road


Friendly waitress at the Red Onion Saloon (and previously, a brothel)


Racy 1800's pictures and bedpans above


The Madam


A friendly Madam


And good gluten free food!


A cruise ship heading down the street!


A snow remover


Towel octopus


The Black Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park


The blue tinting


The Margerie Glacier


Another cruise ship


Lots of waterfalls


Video of Margerie Glacier 32MB

Video of glacier calving (breaking off and falling) 28MB

Video of another glacier calving 12MB

Towel sand shark? whale?


Arriving at Ketchikan


...while having breakfast


A seal chasing salmon


Lots of salmon


Bering Sea crab fishing tour


Bald Eagle


Swooping down to collect bait


Another gala dinner while docked at Ketchikan


Towel monkey!


Another cruise ship parallel to us all the way back to Vancouver


An emergency aboard when someone needed medical attention. We docked at Bela Bela where an ambulance came to pick them up.


Towel puppy


Bus to the Vancouver airport. We were lucky. They were about to close all roads due to a visit from the royal family. Our bus driver let us know his opinion of the royal family....


The Grand Canyon from the plane


Some of our groovy group


VERY good trip!