Rockhound Photos



Calabasas AZ 2016



THE border fence. Our international border...


At the fence we saw these fellows, waving at us from the Mexican side, with ~30 others crouched behind bushes, waiting to become illegal aliens. We hightailed it out of there and mentioned it to the Border Patrol.


Entrance to the town of Ruby, a ghost town


Beautiful saguaros


Peņa Blanca Lake


Ruby cooling off


One of the many disasters to befall us on this trip




"I'm too sexy for my shorts, too sexy for my socks...."


The group campsite


Happy Hour in the center


Found a tire swing on our journeys


Abandoned pickup in a particularly rough off-roading area


Her injured limb didn't stop her from playing


Near the border to Mexico


Border monument


Section of the border fence


The rest of the fence


After successfully navigating a particularly rough creek bed


At the museum in Tubac AZ


In the museum, Data!!


Absolutely gorgeous sunsets!