Rockhound Photos



Holidays 2018




At the cabin in Ruidoso


We kept hearing herds of wild turkeys running by the cabin in the middle of the night. We saw them in the daytime too.




Gluten-free, sugar-free Shortbread Cookies, adapted by Liz from her Auntie Beth's recipe. They were fantastic!


More cookies!


Many decorations and the tree were in the sunroom


Star Trek ornaments


Front of the house


A neighbor


Our new nativity scene, carved from Ivory soap by Liz's mother years ago. Thanks Mom!!


Christmas ornaments in glass oil lamps reflecting the Christmas lights. Had a beautiful effect!


Christmas tree hunting with the usual tamales and posole cooked over the fire


Bill with his famous spoon. Alas, after this photo it broke in two. It was the end of an era.


Their Christmas village


He wasn't able to make the pond this year (using a mirror laying flat) so he made kind of a swamp (in blue)


Really cool Game of Thrones pop-up cards of the dragons with their passengers



Wonderful Christmas! We hope yours was the same!