Rockhound Photos



Maui 2019


Our suite was one floor up overlooking the beach


Doug got a shot of us on the beach from his balcony. He told us to look sexy.


View from our balcony


Massive suite!


We kept the sliding door open at night to hear the ocean


The Aquarium


This stingray "flew" right over me in a glass-enclosed tunnel


At the resort


Bubba Gump's - Excellent food!


...and drink!


A tour bus took us on "The Road To Hana"


A rainforest with a wide variety of unique vegetation


Lava rock bridge


Charles Lindbergh's grave


Our tour bus - Excellent driver; very knowledgeable (and entertaining)


This first banana tree I ever saw in the wild


The way back, on the southern part of the island. The eastern part of the island is rainforest, the southern is desert.



Click for Selected Videos of The Road To Hana trip (~5 minutes, 104MB)


So many beautiful sunsets from our balcony


The resort


Another restaurant


Cool Cat Cafe



The first of two Luaus


Multi-courses; Way more than we could eat


From our balcony


A gecko on the table


Resort Lobby


Our helicopter ride; Over 3 islands. Including the 3rd tallest waterfall in the world


A rusted wreck by one of the islands


A Video the take-off of our Helicopter Ride (2.5 minutes, 54MB)

We had so many videos from the helicopter company and from my camcorder that I couldn't include much on here due to size


Selected Video from the second Luau (1 minute, 28MB)


A fantastic trip!! We thank Doug and Alice for making it all possible!