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I remember this trip was right after Klohoney died. We had to get away. Klohoney had liver cancer. We took her to Tuscan to an animal hospital there. They did exploratory surgery, found she was beyond hope, and we consented to have her put to sleep. We loved her so much, and she died on my birthday.

My uncle Lowell camping with us on another trip.

I call this City of Rocks II,  because  it reminds me of the original, except it's way out in the Gila.

Elayne with Mary Ann looking at a creek and a potential campsite.

Lowell's pickup.

Me on top of Squaw Mountain.

The Mimbres River in the Gila.

Sweet Klohoney's grave.

Aztec, NM. A model of the pueblos in their heyday.


Rebuilt Kiva.






Balloon over our backyard.


Durango river.

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