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Our old beatup popup we used to have, at the lake. It was fun, though.

In  the Gila at some mining ruins at Chloride Canyon.

My old Suzuki Samurai, with my parents at Achenbach Canyon in the Organs. That vehicle took us to some unique places.

Camping in the Organs.

My mother at V Falls in Achenbach Canyon in the Organs.

A favorite picnic spot at Aguirre Springs recreational area, in the Organs.

Some dense aspens on McKnight Mountain in the Gila. Ed and Bill at Turkey Creek in the Gila; an excellent hot spring. Some hidden cliff dwellings we stumbled upon in the Gila.

A lot of backpacking photos, many from our ill-fated trip down the Middle Fork of the Gila river, a 30 mile journey. After the second night, the river flooded from rain and snow runoff. We were stranded with sheer cliff walls on both sides of the river. We managed to cross using rope, maybe 3 crossings a day. Then, with our maps, we climbed up to the ridges once the walls were less steep. We managed to get out alive, and found out later some people in the same area were airlifted out. Once we got to a point we knew we were safe, hiking up a steep switchback, it started hailing on us. That night, in pouring rain we somehow almost burned down the forest by putting a huge stump on the fire, that we didn't think would burn, but it really flamed up. We managed to get it out, but it was a unique and exciting trip; one we'll remember the rest of our lives.

This is at Turkey Creek, where the hot spring is. The lower right is a cool spring where we put a trash bag connected to a tube to collect the water into our water bottles.

Middle left is one of our tents in the cliff dwelling we found. Lower right was a gruelling journey up McKnight Mountain where we continually fell through the snow, about 2 feet deep. We finally found a place to camp and managed to start a fire.

Upper left is at Turkey Creek.

A fellow we didn't like too much. Lower left and right is cliff dwellings, I think near Spoon Rock.

Lower left is the Meadows, along the Middle Fork of the Gila river. Lower right is me by a benchmark on top of Hillsboro Peak.

Bottom is our campsite at the Meadows.

Top, Bill camping at the White Sands Monument. Me below. Bill at the benchmark at Hillsboro Peak.



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