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More on the Rabbit Ears in the Organ Mountains.


The map I drew of Robinson's Cave in the Gila.

Shakespeare ghost town. Well kept up, near Lordsburg, NM.

A backpacking trip to Soledad Canyon in the Organ Mountains. We found an old cemetery with about 5 children's graves from the late 1880's.

The southern Organ Mountains.

The ghost town of Steins on Interstate 10, on the western border of NM.

A swimming hole in the Gila.

The Meadows along the Middle Fork of the Gila River. A good place to camp. The middle photo shows Hank. He belonged to a fellow we met out there: Bill. Bill visited, then camped nearby. Bill was a vegeterian, and fed Hank only vegetarian food. We, on the other hand, had beef tenderloins. Consequently, Hank stayed with us that night.

Smoke from a fire in the distance.

Shots from Tombstone, AZ.

More shots from Turkey Creek.

Bottom, the trail up Turkey Creek to the hot spring involves crawling through this portal under these boulders. One must crawl through and drag your pack after. The terrain is such that this is the only way to pass.

V Falls in the Organs.

Top, and middle left, is White Oaks. A ghost town north of Ruidoso, NM. Middle right, Neil and Susan by an original chuckwagon at Shakespeare.