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Old Rudin family photos...

My grandfather, and my parents

My grandparents car in 1936. Aileen was my Dad's cousin.


Carol Bloom, my Dad's cousin's daughter. Looks uncannily like Melissa at that age.

My Dad at different stages of life. He passed away in 1998.


My Dad and his mother.


The couple in the lower left photo is my grandfather's parents (my great grandparents). He came over from Lithuania as a tinsmith.


Photos of my grandfather in his youth, his first car in lower right photo.


Upper left, another photo of my grandfather with his parents.


Believe it or not, my Dad dressed as the wicked witch of the east for his fraternity, complete with green face paint.


My Dad's graduation


My Dad and his parents


My Dad shortly before he died

A photo of my great grandfather's military service. This is my grandmother's father. The one in previous photos was my grandfather's father. He is second from left in front row.


My great grandfather, left. He was a sharpshooter in the spanish-american war, a sergeant.


My great grandfather also had a cigar store in Manhattan. I found the actual intersection on a map, Barrow and West Streets. I wonder if it's the same building. This dates to around the turn of the century.


My Dad, grandmother, and my mother.

The house my Dad grew up in, in Mt.Hope, WV. Below, another view of the house, and our name carved in the cement at the curb of the house.

Yes, my Dad's the one in the middle.


My grandmother at her apartment in Charleston, WV.

Above and below, my great grandfather's military discharge papers, 1898.

My great grandmother

A letter I wrote my grandparents when I was 7