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Perseus Project


* Warning - This page contains a large number of cat pictures

Adoption Day "Pleeeeese take me with you"


Dad's co-pilot


Sleepy baby


Drawer surfing


Morning snooze


Dishwasher surfing


Drawer tasting


Video: Experimenting with his new particle accelerator (MPG file)


Hanging with Mom


Napping with Dad


Hiding in Dads tool bag


Kitchen island disguise


WTF! Can't a guy have any peace?




Taking care of Mom


First Halloween 2015


Video: Discovering Halloween (MPG file)




Wore out from playing


Very curious


Cat's in the bag


Perseus loves his Daddy


Mid-morning nap


Can you see me now?


How 'bout now?


Privacy, please!


Before bedtime nap.


Howard's assistant


You never know when another nap will hit you


Top of the world


Wonder if I could reach that


Yeah, I shower!


Perseus & Uncle Howard


Packing to go on vacation. He wasn't pleased.






Hmm, I missed a stitch


That's right! Our cat can crochet.


Cat babysitter app


Works like a charm every time!


Mid evening nap


Late evening nap


Halloween 2016


Video: Halloween_1 2016 (MPG file)


Video: Halloween_2 2016 (MPG file)