Rockhound Photos



Boiler Peak - Gila National Forest 2018


The Green Shack - Won't be long until it's down


A hummingbird feeder was hung - The hummingbirds in the forest never saw anything like it!


Hummingbird Video (23MB)

The "Lake"


Camp from across the "lake" - The lake was completely dry this year - Below a photo of it from 2010


Probably another Nash, buried


A nose peaking through


From the ruins of a ranch


Interesting formation


Many ruins in the area


Rock embedded in the root of a fallen tree


In front of our trailer


Elk antler


Another ruin at a place I used to camp at


This is the site of what used to be a cabin - Below a photo from 15-20 years ago



Can't quite read it


Happy Hour/Pot Luck!




At "City of Rocks 2"


Elk! Liz counted 20



Video of Liz driving ATV (45MB)

Video from the top of the Lookout Mountain Tower (19MB)