Rockhound Photos



Boiler Peak Campout - June 2017


The "Lake" is almost full! Haven't seen that for quite a few years.


Happy Hour!


The green shack we've been watching over the years is still standing partially


Mining debris


There were fires in the area. We passed by some firefighter camps on our outings. This from the top of the Lookout Mt watchtower. We went up and talked the fellow up there. He gave us a very informative talk about how he gets and relays fire information. He was a retired air traffic controller doing this for fun. I think he enjoyed the company.


He showed us on the map where the fire was currently. We later rode right up to the fire line and saw the fire.


The fire line!


We turned around here. Too smoky. Had to turn around without driving on ashes.


Our Happy Hour fire with colors. Doug brought pieces of copper pipe with common garden hose within that causes this spectacular effect.


Mornings were sometimes smoky, but it soon dissipated.


Last day we went to one of my favorite places, "City of Rocks 2". Interesting rock formations.


Good trip. The Silverton trip is coming up in less than a month.