Rockhound Photos



Pancho Villa RV - Columbus NM - April 2018


First Night - The Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico - Good food, Good drinks


Back at camp - Drone/Dog Wars


In the museum of the park that also runs the RV Park - How to operate one of the first planes used by the military


Along the journey to the Mahoney Mines going through the mountains - A few rough spots


Exporing mines and siestas


And back to the Pink Store....


Excellent Cherries Jubilee made by Patty


Site of the last hostile action by foreign troops in the Continental United States - Also happens to be our campground


Atop Cootes Hill - A strategic lookout that allowed Camp Furlong troops to win against Pancho Villa


Cootes Hill, half mast for Barbara Bush


Looking toward the museum and the town of Columbus NM


Ocotillos in bloom


Ruins around the campground


Home again

Very interesting trip!