Rockhound Photos



Silverton CO & Chama NM - 2017


Silverton CO RV Park


Kendall Mountain near Silverton


Lots of wildflowers. This year we went in July instead of August.


I got a buzz cut


A lot more snow left than in August


Laney on the prowl


Had to walk across. No one fell through.


Much much more snow than last year


Blue tinted water in the lake and happy dogs


Someone must have slalomed down


Lunch at the top


The infamous EPA spill


Snow drifts!


Lake Como


The road we came on by Lake Como


The Mill


Wildflowers and a cabin


Rode our bikes around Silverton and the Cemetery


A good pizza place


A lot of new exhibits in the museum


Baby carriage


Winter can yield 20ft or more of snow


More water than usual due to snow runoff


Mining car rails


Rained every day


Ruby the Wonder Dog


Had some difficulty on one stretch, but a winch resolved it


Should have got a half order...


Made from antique baseball gloves. It can be yours for $28000


In Ouray


Prettier than the flowers


Spotted a moose on the way back from Ouray


Looking at us



By the RV Park in Chama NM


A lot of fishing


The next morning the fire ignited by itself


Hamburgers for a crowd


Got one


Water snake


Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in Chama


Parlor car, includes breakfast, drinks, and lunch


A deer


This car followed our train part of the way


Highway crossing


In the background, the tracks we will be going up in a little while up the mountain




The old Hwy 17


Tanglefoot curve. Crews would jump off here, walk to the lower track, inspect for burned out bearings, then reboard.


Los Pinos Tank


Cascade Trestle. 137ft above Cascade Creek.


Before the railroad, Osier was a toll station on the road from Conejos to Chama


We eat lunch in the building to the right of Osier


Turkey line and a Meat Loaf line. The turkey line, with a full Thanksgiving meal, was about 20 times longer than the meat loaf line.


Leaving Osier, going back the way we came


The other train leaving from Osier, going the other way


Highest point, Cumbres Pass


We stuck our heads out. No one got decapitated.


Another highway crossing



Very memorable trip!