Rockhound Photos



Silverton-Chama - August 2018


RV Park we stayed at in Chama NM


...right by the river


Our ride on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad


A view of the valley behind


Tanglefoot Curve


The track ahead goes up this


Releasing steam


Back at camp. Deer every morning.


A doe and fawn


Fawn following the doe across




The four stooges


Wildlife along the way


Used in a scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Cumbres Pass train stop along the way back. Highest elevation: 10015 ft


Video - Releasing Steam

Coming down from the mountain, we will later cross the road here


At Osier, where we got  a huge turkey dinner. Choice of Turkey or Meatloaf. Most chose Turkey.


Cascade Trestle

Video - Going across bridge



In the town of Chama


Doug trying to get the right camera angle


Last day. It was rainy and we had the pavilion all to ourselves.


When the rain stopped, we had a fire.


Silverton CO


Animas Forks


Lake Como


Velocity Lake - Named from skiers skiing down the side - We used to call it Hidden Lake




Ruby, the Wonder Dog


Happy Hour


Dredging with a magnet


Location of a vein of Rhodonite


The pink is Rhodonite


Max, the other Wonder Dog, galloping across the landscape


This used to be a dwelling with an old safe in it


All that's left is the safe




ATV & Dog Wash


The aftermath


Sunset in Silverton


Red Mountain


Beginning our descent down Corkscrew


A view from afar of Velocity Lake



Silverton train by our RV Park


Wildflowers by Kite Lake


We were previously on those tailings


A storm looked imminent so we put on our rain gear. Shortly after we helped someone in a pickup that got stuck.

Video - Vehicle getting through difficult spot after we helped

Video - Another vehicle through the same without any trouble

The Rum Bar in Silverton - They were going out of business and this was their last night


Late afternoon...


...and evening


Doug & Alice


From the roof of the Rum Bar


Having lunch in Ouray CO


Fantastic trip as always! Can't wait till next year!