Rockhound Photos



Vacation 2018


View from our hotel door at San Simeon, California


The Beach


We waited to get some good sunset shots


Hearst Castle - The guy had good taste (and money)


The pool has been under repair for years due to cracks, with no water in it. We were lucky enough to see it 2 weeks after repairs were completed.


Genuine Ancient Egyptian statues dating back 3500 years


The front door


Living Room


Dining Room


Hand carved wood ceiling


Game Room


One of the "Villas" his guests would stay at


Gold, decorating the floor of the indoor swimming pool


An airfield and the land his exotic animals wandered on. We saw some zebras that were descended from the original ones he had.


His personal movie theatre.


There were rows of these on each side of the theatre. When the screen was operating their eyelids were lowered the closer they were to the screen.

On the way to Monterey Bay, elephant seals



Video of Elephant Seals


A nice place we stopped at for breakfast


The Monterey Bay Aquarium






He was trying hard to extract something from that cylinder


Jelly Fish



Video of Jelly Fish 1

Video of Jelly Fish 2

Video of Jelly Fish 3


An odd fish with fins above and below




Video of Penguins






The Grand Canyon



Video of Grand Canyon


The small spot of water at 60X zoom


Video of Water Flowing


A small spot of green zoomed in


Zoomed in more; there are buildings down there


A bridge above the water


Zoomed in, with boats to the left


You can see 2 people on the bridge


A Helicopter


Zoomed in


Near the lunch stand


As we were leaving, a herd of elk crossing the road


Fantastic hotel. Many amenities, excellent food.

Meteor Crater, Arizona. It hit 50000 years ago.



Video of Meteor Crater


The Painted Desert


A double rainbow


A long petrified log


Huge pieces of petrified wood everywhere


With roots!


A resident


A very memorable trip!